Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016 Raspberry Wine

I was so happy with last year's raspberry wine that I had to try it again. I really liked the aroma, and it blends so well with white grape wine

2016 Raspberry Wine Recipe

12.5 lb water
12.75 lb raspberries (Driscoll's, Watsonsville CA)
3 lb blackberries (Natureripe, Martinez GA)
7 lb sugar
1 lime - juice only
5 g pectic enzyme
5 g yeast energizer
1 Premier Curvee

I put the berries in the blender to make a puree. Dissolved the sugar in water, added it to the puree, and then checked the sugar content by refractive index. It came back at 30.4 brix which makes 16.5% alcohol. I added water down to 13.5% to give the recipe above. It produced 4.5 gallon of must.


January 2017 Update
The wine wasn't fruity enough, and I thought it was too heavy as well.

I decided to try to sweeten it. I added another 4.5 pounds of sugar to the 15 L of wine that I had. I also added 2 teaspoons of potassium sorbate. Hopefully the sorbate will prevent further fermentation.

Initially, the new sweet version seems much fruiter. I don't know why that is, but it is much better. The bitter off-flavors seem to be gone as well.

Wife Jenny is very pleased with the taste of it that I gave her.

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