Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pot Pie Recipe

Pot Pie Recipe

1 cup sweet potatoes
1/2 cup potatoes
1 cup mixed veggies frozen
1 cup frozen peas
4 leeks
5 slices bacon
2 CUps chicken broth
1 cup half and half
Handful spinach

Preheat oven for 400 degrees F.

Make crust for bottom, put into pot pie dishes and cook 300* for 15-20 mins - 2 cups of flour and 2 sticks of butter, 8 T of water. Mix using Mosher technique, flatten the dough without mixing it. It is OK if the dough does not cohere. 

Cook the potatoes and some frozen veggies with 3 tablespoons butter for 15 minutes. Sauté the leeks in a T of butter until turning brown.

Cook the bacon. 

Stir 1/2 cup flour into veggies slowly, keep cooking for a minute.

Mix together chicken broth and half and half, stir into the veggies. Stir veggies constantly until thickened and bubbly, about 15 minutes. Stir in leeks and bacon, and additional frozen veggies until mixed in.

Spoon into individual pot pie dishes

Add crust on top, cut some slits for steam

Cook for 30-40 minutes

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