Sunday, May 8, 2011

2010 Cherry Wine

The 2010 Cherry Wine has been trouble. I missed the local cherry season, and had to buy frozen cherries. First the wine tasted like cough syrup, and then it was just flavorless.

I dosed it with sugar and yeast, and got the alcohol level up. Time worked it's magic, and it is now definitely drinkable. The cherry flavor is back, and a little more alcohol seems to fix multiple flaws.

I went to the local beer store and got some 1/2 liter flip-top bottles.  I bottled out a case or 6 liters of cherry wine. I put in 3 grams of corn sugar in each. The extra sugar is fermented in to carbon dioxide and the wine will be fizzy. Supposedly corn sugar is easier for the yeast to use.

The fizziness should compensate for the any deficiencies in the wine, since everyone likes bubbles.