Saturday, June 30, 2012

2011 Cherry Second Wine

Last July after I finished the main cherry wine, I made another seven liters of a Second Wine. (Some say Seconds Wine.) I made 32 liters of the main cherry wine from 45 lb of cherries. When I was done, I had a lot of pulp that was still pretty flavorful. So I decided to make another wine -- just like my very cheap Grandfather used to do with his grapes.

2011 Cherry Second Wine Recipe 

7 L water
1.4 kg = 3.3 lb Sugar (dissolved in the above water)
Pulp from 45 lb cherry wine (already fermented a week and then pressed dry in a grape press)
1.5 g yeast energizer
2 g pectic enzyme
1 pack Champagne yeast

A problem was that the batch was so short that I had to blend it to fill the carboy. I blended it with some blue berry wine and 2010 cherry wine that I had.

After fermentation, it was pretty good, but not as fruity as the first wine.