Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Zinfandel Wine

As mentioned, I was a little late to the store, and it was picked over. I did get some juicy Zinfandel grapes. Very juicy as the juice was dripping out of the cases after I stacked them.

2014 Zinfandel Wine Recipe

108 lb Zinfandel Grapes
4 lb sugar
11 g yeast energizer
1 pack Red Star Montrachet

I would have added a little more sugar, but I was all out.

2014 French Colombard

I went to my local wine & grape and they were picked over. The season was early this year, so I missed the best selection. I needed some white grapes, so I got French Colombard. The first two cases were great, but that third case had too many dried grapes -- some of those clumps ended up in the red wine. I thought that these raisins are not going to contribute anything if they don't soak in the juice, but the white wine got pressed immediately.

2014 French Colombard Recipe

108 lb French Colombard Grapes (Uva de Puglia, Escalon, CA)
2 lb sugar
7 g pectic enzyme
11 g yeast energizer
1 packet Red Star Premier Crevee

Last time, I included several kinds of tea to try to add some floral notes. I have not decided to do that so far. This juice had a good flavor.

April 2016: I racked this 2-3 times, and it has a good flavor with good clarity. Not too light. Fruity, but not floral.