Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 Ruby Cabernet

I went to the local wine grape outlet, and it was packed. I just wondered around tasting the different pallets of grapes. The Ruby Cabernet was something special-- it had a nice intense flavor. It was not so sweet though, so it needed a lot of sugar.

144 lb Ruby Cabernet Grapes  (Uva de Puglia Escalon California)
11.1 lb sugar
16 g yeast energizer
2 packs of yeast
after fermentation
1 vial of malolactic bacteria (WLP675 from White Labs)

I have a handheld refractometer for measuring the refractive index, so I can track the sugar content pretty well. I added the sugar, and the refractive index did not go up as predicted by my calculation. This apparently is because there was some crystalline sugar still present. After waiting overnight, I ended up with the target number. On the other hand, I had already added more sugar by then -- so the indicated recipe will be stronger than I had planned.

After primary fermentation, I pressed it and put in glass demijohns.  I added the Malolactic bacteria. The hope is that I won't get sourness or off flavors that have affected previous vintages.